Miranda Park Learning is a company driven by its vision:

We make your life better.

About Us

We believe that when done appropriately, instructional design, education, and information provide tools that improve people’s lives. 

For over a decade, our founder, Cassandra (Cassy) Huidobro, used her skills in the field of Learning and Development to facilitate and create training materials for Corporate America. She went on to create Miranda Park Learning (named after a park in her hometown of Lima, Perú) as an extension of her own professional practice.

At Miranda Park Learning, our experts are laser-focused on documenting procedures. Our knowledge and skills enable us to shadow your employees and collaborate with your experts to produce the best training materials for your expansion and growth.

The training materials we produce lead to confident, well-trained employees who are able to concentrate on their jobs — increasing their productivity and, potentially, your bottom line.

Miranda Park Learning delivers comprehensive, quality training so your team can concentrate on excelling at their jobs.